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Fig & White Tea Perfume

Fig & White Tea Perfume

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Elevate your senses with our Fig & White Tea Eau de Parfum, a 10mL spray bottle nestled in opulent gold and black packaging. Crafted from pure essential oils, it blends the sweet allure of fig with the refreshing essence of white tea. Experience a harmonious, sophisticated fragrance in every spritz. Redefine your signature scent—order now.


Customer Reviews

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I purchased this at the Suhoor fest and I was amazed at how long the smell lasts! This was my first perfume I’ve purchased from this brand and im gonna purchase the rose and oud because I was so upset I didn’t buy it then and there! I recommend all scents!

Saira Zafar
liberation candles and perfumes

Excellent service and beautiful gifts to share and behold. I have already ordered several times.

Zina Saa
Very refreshing perfume


Manisha Patel
Fig & White Tea

Love the scent but find it doesn’t last as long as the Rose/Oud and Jasmine/Oud scents; the Fig/White Tea is still my favorite scent of the three though. I don’t care for the Rose/Oud at all; lasts a long time but makes my eyes water and gives me a headache. Unfortunately I bought two of them based on the reviews.

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