About Andalus Shop

Andalus Shop was founded by Ryanne Ramadan, a Lebanese American Muslim. Andalus was created to bring handcrafted luxury goods inspired by Islamic Art and History to your home.

The name, Andalus Shop, was inspired by Al-Andalus, the golden era of Islamic rule and cultural flourishing in modern day Spain and Portugal. This seventh century era was known as a remarkable time of cultural and religious diversity where scholars, artists, and scientists from various backgrounds collaborated leading to significant advancements in fields such as mathematics, philosophy, and medicine. It was also known for its distinctive architectural style characterized by intricate geometric patterns and horseshoe arches that are commonly seen in Islamic Art. 

Being Muslim is a large part of Ryanne, the founder’s identity. She aims to grow this company with a focus on fostering Islamic values portrayed in Al-Andalus such as peace, giving, acceptance, innovation, and so much more! 

Andalus Shop’s products are and will continue to be inspired by Islamic Art and History. 

Typically, 10% of profits are set aside and donated to Muslim orphanages at the end of each year. However, for the month of November and December, there is an exception being made where 20% is being donated to Palestine given recent events.

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