A few months before I started this business, I was terrified of candles. I’m so clumsy that I thought I would trip and burn my apartment down. Additionally, I never loved the smell of most candles. The ones I smelled in stores were too artificial and typically made me feel really sick. 

Alas, someone gifted me an organic candle set, and I strived to get over my fear. I lit my first set of candles and I remember feeling immediately soothed. My brain started wondering, "How does one make candles?" I started reading up on it and before I knew it, hours passed and it was 2 am. This happened many days in a row as I began learning about my new hobby!

Four months later, I quit my job to pursue this candle business full time! 

Ultimately, I strive to create a sustainable business that brings joy and peace to my customers :) I utilize a combination of soy and coconut wax, essential oils, and phthalate free fragrances to create fresh scents that are appealing to all! Additionally, I leverage my middle eastern background for scent inspiration & designs, my punny personality to create candles with uplifting messages, and minimalistic designs to fit into any space :) 

Let’s create a more sustainable and peaceful world, one candle at a time!